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nighttime electrical storm with lightning

Surge and Lightning Protection

Protecting your home from power surges involves much more than plugging your computers into a power strip. Many power strips are nothing more than glorified extension cords — woefully inadequate to protect against a nearby lightning strike.

A surge will follow any line coming into your house, phone and cable lines being the most vulnerable. More than just your personal computer is at risk. Many of today’s household appliances — answering machines, televisions, refrigerators, ovens, heating and air-conditioning systems — rely on delicate computer circuitry.

While lightning strikes and transformer failures are relatively uncommon, not all surges come from outside the house. The motors in many household appliances can create almost imperceptible mini-surges that, over time, can degrade the performance of your electronics.

Call Ivans Electrical for a free assessment of your home or business’s surge protection vulnerability. We’ll explain your current risks and recommend a plan to protect your home or business.